Mission and Goals

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to EDUCATE the general public about disaster preparedness for companion animals and
​have TRAINED volunteers ready to RESPOND in times of disaster.

Our Goals
  • Train and certify volunteers to evacuate and shelter animals in a safe, approved shelter for as long as necessary.
  • Collaborate with local town and government agencies within Massachusetts and across the nation.
  • Provide and support safe, effective, training opportunities for agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals.
  • Host community education sessions featuring topics of interest concerning animal disaster preparedness, sheltering, and animal rescue response.
  • Communicate actions and activities on a regular basis via newsletters, flyers, seminars, email, website updates, and displays at public events.​​

About Us

Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team (CCDART) was established on July 7, 2008.

CCDART is a standalone, nonprofit, tax exempt corporation created to support Barnstable County's response to the Federal Pets Act of 2006, which requires states to plan for the evacuation of pets (animals as well as people) during disasters – in order to qualify for FEMA reimbursement. In the event of a declared emergency, CCDART may provide for rescue, triage, temporary sheltering and/or transport of animals to veterinary clinics or alternate boarding facilities. CCDART strictly
​adheres to the Incident Command System as put forth by FEMA.

Our vision is shared by Barnstable Country Regional Emergency Planners to provide
an organized response to animals in disaster. To that extent, we are constantly
training and working to coordinate resources both locally (town) and countywide.
CCDART is comprised solely of volunteers. These dedicated people come from all
walks of life and are united in a common love of and concern for animals. Each
volunteer must complete an application, criminal background check (CORI), and
additional paperwork. FEMA courses such as IS-100 and IS-700 are also basic
​training requirements.

Additional training with CCDART includes a seven module training series that provides more insight to emergency response and deployment. Module topics include Registration, Dog and Cat Handling, Team Development, Radio Communications, Disaster Response, Shelter Design, and Shelter Health Awareness. Participation in mock drills helps to complete a level of competency and prepare volunteers for the reality of a true disaster. Advance coursework in Pet First Aid, the Incident Command System, Animal rescue, and related courses are offered and participation is encouraged.
Services provided by CCDART include, but are not limited to:
  • Organization of temporary animal shelters for response and recovery
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers to provide animal care in shelters
  • Triage of emergency animal care
  • Maintenance of animal identification and care records
  • Reunion of animals with their owners

CCDART is partnered with American Red Cross, Barnstable County Citizens Corp, Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (BREPC) and an ever-increasing number of police and fire departments, nonprofit organizations, and volunteers.

In order for us to continue with our mission, we need your help ... your time, financial support, and material goods. Together we can help secure the safety of all the pets in Barnstable County.
Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team