United Animal Nation: Volunteer Training workshops

Cape Cod DART (CCDART) Volunteer Basics:

How to become a CCDART Volunteer:

1) Please fill out the Volunteer Application. Mail in version here.
2) Complete Interview Process with our Volunteer Coordinator
3) Complete a 2 hour Volunteer Orientation- with our trained, experienced responders
If your desire to be considered an Emergent Volunteer - this is all you need. However for anyone interested in becoming a Team Member or participating in our Lead Development Program you must complete the following:

4) Please complete the Online Objectives
5) Read the Volunteer Handbook and submit to CCDART the release of liability form and signature page.
6) Once you have completed the above you will be invited to participate in all of CCDARTs continuing training and response program - please see our Calendar
7) Pay annual dues of $25.00 due July 1.

Snail Mail: CCDART
PO Box 325
West Barnstable MA 02668
Email : volunteer@capecoddart.org

If you prefer, please print out the Volunteer Application Here and mail to the above address.

‚ÄčCCDART strives to educate, train and respond!

Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team

In order for a volunteer to be eligible for deployment in an emergency or disaster, the volunteer must have completed certain levels of training. There are classes that are offered by CCDART or outside instructors throughout the year on a revolving schedule. Other required classes can be completed online or are taught by other agencies or organizations.

Please visit our Train Page for more information.

Thank you for considering to volunteer with Cape Cod DART!

For training information and to download the Volunteer Handbook.